Viewers Called Out “Francia James” For Staging the Stunt In The Hilarious Footage Of An Elephant Trying To Pull Off A Lady’s Bras.

Francia James is the victim. She is the lady in the hilarious footage. She is a self-proclaimed Instagram model.
This incident happened at Myrtle Beach safari park in South Carolina. According to her, she said the 9,000-pound African elephant groped her. “The trunk felt just like a large man’s hand with a high powered vacuum attached!” She said.

However, viewers have noted that the 34-year-old female tusker may have been drawn to smell on the woman’s torso and it appeared that the Elephant was more interested in the scent of something on her body.

Below are what some critics said regarding the footage

I ‘don’t understand’ why the mammal was used to ‘promote her body’.
The Elephant deserved a ‘high five”.
This video a ‘fake’.
Ms. James, you ‘silly’.

On its website, the zoo said the elephant, called Bubbles, was rescued in the early 1980s when her herd was killed for their ivory.

She was one of the few that survived, they said.

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