The Story Of Servat, Who Was Eager To Experience The Reality Of Becoming A Father, Rejoiced Over His Pregnant Girlfriend, Who Came Up With Quintuplets, Only To Discover The Horrible And Unexplainable Secret At Delivery.

By Festus Omobude

Paul Servat who lived in Montreal found himself in his mid-thirties, still single. He was surrounded by family and friends with children and lovers. Servat finally realized that he had to raise his own family too, but he needed to find someone who could be his better half.

Servat did not have the time to go on a conventional date outside because of his busy work schedule; he had to look through the dating website where he found Barbara Bienvenue. He felt this would be his perfect match and started developing feelings for Bienvenue. Servat loved her lively personality and knew how to make her laugh.

After chatting for about two weeks, they decided to meet in Montreal, where they first saw each other. After a series of dating for a few weeks, Servat fell in love with Barbara and trusted her despite knowing each other for weeks.

After two months of getting to know each other, Bienvenue decided to reveal to Servat something important. Servat seemed puzzled at first when Bienvenue called for a serious conversation. Delightful news was brought to Servat that she was pregnant. Although perplexed for a moment, servat finally regained himself and there was a smile on his face- At last, He is going to be a father soon. Unluckily for Servat, he never knew he was going to learn a big lesson in his life never to rush into a relationship with a stranger.

Like other pregnant women, Bienvenue also went through a series of morning sickness and mood changes. With her worsening complaint every morning, Servat knew it was a natural occurrence in pregnancy and insisted Bienvenue moved into his house where his family could help to care for her needs.

As events unfolded, the family and couple began to notice how Bienvenue’s belly grew larger than normal. They suspected it was a twin and went for a checkup. Behold it was a twin as revealed by the Doctor. Servat sprang up in joy in his office on hearing the delightful news. They kept counting their blessings as the baby count rose to three.  It was a quintuplet (five babies) from the last ultrasound done. Servat never expected he was going to give birth to half of a football team. Servat’s heart was filled with indescribable joy.

They felt like one of the rarest couple on earth to have been favored with quintuplets. The only couple they knew having five children started their families in their 20s. Servat and Bienvenue had to worry about the financial responsibility to care for their five children altogether.

Servat was on an average income, enough to sustain his family with one child and not with five children coming along the way. Servat received help from family, friends, and neighbors but the raised finance was still not enough for the needs of the quintuplets.

Servat turned to a friend and together they both came up with an idea on how he could get help. They created a Facebook page and shared his rare story on social media, asking his workmates and colleagues to spread the news about the story of the quintuplets. While posting updates on the ongoing pregnancy, the couple received help from various local businesses and gifts from people. Unfortunately for Servat, he’ll have to take down the Facebook page when he wakes up in the shocking news of his girlfriend.

Servat remained a loving partner to Bienvenue even though her pregnancy brought bad mood every day. The ‘father to be’ remained patient with her throughout the period of her pregnancy. Servat’s mother provided all that she needed, keeping the ‘mother to be’ in a lively mood.

The whole family was happy throughout the pregnancy. The parents could not wait for more grandchildren coming who were going to be quintuplets. Bienvenue asked Servat to choose names for the children which he gladly did. While they shared personal moments together, they frequently updated their Facebook page.

Bienvenue had to give birth before the estimated date of delivery which may normally be about 37weeks because she has to come down with quintuplets, she had to deliver before 37 weeks while taking other chances such as small babies, weakness, and undeveloped systems into consideration. Servat and Bienvenue did not worry much about these potential complications; after all, they had great support from people.

On the 34th week when the day finally arrived, Bienvenue, hysterical, rushed into Servat’s room telling him that her water had broke. Servat had read many pregnancy books, and so he knew exactly what to do. Stay calm, he said, Servat along with his friends and family rushed Benvenue down to the hospital. However, Destiny harbored a new outcome of events, one which was not expected and life-changing for worse.

As Servat walked about in the waiting room, it seemed as if the best day of his life were just minutes away from him. He imagined how the nurses were delivering his quintuplets and thought that he’ll hold them in his arms soon until the doctor came out of the room with a strange look on his face.

As the doctor approached him, Servat knew something had gone wrong. The doctor didn’t look happy, he looked concerned and confused. As Servat’s heart kept beating fast, questions ravaged his mind. Was something wrong? Are the quintuplets and Bienvenue okay? Had something happened to one of them? However, the doctor did not look sad or angry.

But why would the doctor look confused? Servat asked himself, especially one who had performed many deliveries before. The doctor walked towards servat and asked if he could speak with him privately. Desperately curious for answers, he agreed and followed him.

The doctor carefully explained to Servat that the confusion started when they arrived for the delivery of the quintuplets. They could not find any record of Bienvenue’s pregnancy and no one was able to confirm anything about the pregnancy. What he meant by that, Servat did not understand. What he knew was that Bienvenue arrived several times for the doctor’s appointment. The doctor then took a deep breath and told Servat that a nurse had taken a blood test but the results were shocking. No babies at all.

Phantom Pregnancy

Ms. Bienvenue had a Phantom Pregnancy.  Phantom pregnancy is a rare psychological condition where a woman feels she is pregnant when she is actually not. The experience of a real pregnancy also comes along with a phantom pregnancy. The condition is idiopathic but some believe it may be caused by an extreme desire to get pregnant.

Servat couldn’t believe what he heard with his ears, and still felt confused the Doctor tried to explain the phantom pregnancy to him. She had all the signs of pregnancy, he kept saying; but when he was asked, he admitted he never followed her to the hospital to see it for himself.  Servat could not understand the kind of world he was living in. How could Bienvenue look and act pregnant, but not be so? He eventually came to learn that women with phantom pregnancy can have morning sickness, weight gain, and lactation.


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