Senator Dino Melaye Has Reported The High Rate Of Killings, Kidnapping And Lack Of Security In Nigeria.

By Festus Omobude

Security agencies in the country were urged to protect the lives of citizens in Nigerians around the Abuja-Lokoja and other roads in the country.

On September 11, eight persons were kidnapped, while eleven persons were kidnapped on September 18, said Melaye. On another occasion, 18 people were kidnapped along with the killing of a senior police officer.

Senator Melaye argued that the lives and properties of the citizens should be the ultimate priority of the government and the killings should not be a normal activity for the virals.

Sen. Enyinayya Abaribe, (PDP Abia) supported his viewpoint on the high rate of killings and kidnapping and said that it happened in all parts of the country.

The senator effects full implementation and resolved to enforce the anti-kidnapping legislation, of course, this would require financial backups to ensure full accountability and accuracy.

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