Over 300 Men And Boys Including Children In Kaduna Have Been Freed From The Inhuman Mistreatment After Being Kept In A ‘House Of Torture’ For Years In An Islamic Boarding School.

They were chained up, tortured, mistreated, sexually abused and not allowed to escape. The house of torture consisted of men, boys, and children from Burkina Faso, Mali and other African countries.

The school which has been operating for a decade, admitted students to learn the Koran, refraining from drug abuse and preventing illnesses. These persons kept as detainees suffered inhuman treatment and were kept as slaves all in the name of teaching Koran.

The Police raided the house on Thursday after an unknown tip-off, the Proprietor of the school along with six other staffs were arrested and interrogated. The owner of the school claims that the allegations of torture were not true despite acknowledging that the students were in chains.

He said: ‘They don’t do anything other than recitation of Qur’an, pray and worship God. ‘Those chained are the stubborn ones who attempt running away. Those who don’t attempt running away are not chained. Some were chained before and after settling down, they were freed.’

One of the victims abused, Bello Hamza, 42, told the Nigerian Tribune. He said,

 ‘I have spent three months here with chains on my legs. I am supposed to be pursuing my Masters in University Pretoria South Africa. I got admission to study Applied Mathematics, but here I am chained.’ They claim to be teaching us the Quran and Islam, but they do a lot of things here. They subject the younger ones to homosexuality. ‘This is supposed to be an Islamic center, but trying to run away from here attracts severe punishment; they tie people and hang them to the ceiling for that, but engaging in homosexuality attracts no punishment.’

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