Mother Of Two, Michelle Velez, Is Diagnosed Of Molar Pregnancy Which Eventually Turns Cancerous In Her Womb.

A molar pregnancy is a nonviable form of pregnancy that does not produce a fetus. Michelle formerly thought she was pregnant until her first ultrasound which revealed that her womb was empty.

‘When we did the ultrasound, the sac was empty,’ she told

‘There was a gestational sac but there was nothing inside and to me, that was really sad, because that had formed, but there was nothing there, that was losing our baby.’ 

No miscarriages were experienced by Velez but felt as if babies were inside and experienced signs and symptoms of pregnancy. The second ultrasound revealed other material in there; Velez says

She was then diagnosed with choriocarcinoma by an oncologist; a cancer doctor.

She underwent aggressive chemotherapy to kill the cancer cells.

‘Chemo sucks, but it’s killing this cancer inside me,’ she said. 

‘I have two babies and this put everything into perspective for me: I need to be there for them.’

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