Very Sad, Mac Miller Dead

According to TMZ reports, the rapper Mac Miller (Birth Name Malcolm McCormick) is dead. He was only 26 (January 1992. Birth Place Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ). Miller was found dead at his home in California around noon PST. Sources, Law enforcement site.

The cause of the death is not confirmed yet. Though TMZ reports that Miller struggles with substance abuse.

In May 2018, Miller was arrested for DUI (Driving Under The Influence) after he drove his car into a utility pole.

A day before his death, Miller had tweeted about his excitement for the album tour, which was scheduled to begin in October.

Man Proposes God Disposes. This life is so uncertain. Is this all there is to life – Grow, Work hard and then die? Very sad news

Have a Taste of his ‘cake’… (Self Care)


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