Increasing Numbers Of Pharmacist Leaving Nigeria Has Painted The Future Of The Nigeria Health Sector Unhealthy Says PSN.

The Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria has expressed fear over the increasing number of Pharmacists leaving Nigeria to search for greener pastures abroad. The chairman, Abiodun Abodije complained that pharmacists are migrating because the enabling environment for pharmaceutical practice in Nigeria is discouraging with such a low level of recognition.

Abiodun Ajibade spoke about the commencement of the pharmacy week 2019, expressing fear about the future of the Nigeria health sector becoming gloomy and needing rehabilitation.

Ajibade said, “Pharmacists population in Nigeria is very low, this is in spite of the great potential for growth occasioned by continuous emigration of pharmacists whom Nigeria has trained as a result of the poor practice environment.

“Out of less than 30, 000 total population of practicing pharmacists in Nigeria, over 5, 000 of them have gone outside the country.” “Most of the young pharmacists from Nigeria are on their way to Canada, processing their visas here and there,” he said.

“In a nation where the average populace spends heavily on out of pocket basis for their health needs, it is so sad that the required values are lost because many of them are often denied quality pharmaceutical care.

“A situation where our hospitals do not have pharmacists, especially the private hospitals, but are offering medicines to patients, is a great disservice Nigeria is doing to the populace and a breach of their fundamental human rights.”

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