Doctor Warns Against Using Mobile Phones While On The Toilet Because It Can Lead To Constriction Of The Veins Of The Rectum Due To Excessive Pressure On The Bottom Thereby Leading To Hemorrhoids (Pile).

Dr. Sarah Jarvis explains that spending too much time in the toilet while mindlessly scrolling through social media or checking emails on your phone can cause the blood vessels in the rectum to become enlarged due to accumulation of fluid.

Other risk factors for the development of Hemorrhoids or piles are pregnancy, chronic cough, old age including prolonged sitting on a loo and so on.

Dr. Jarvis says that hemorrhoids resulting from prolonged sitting on the toilets are more common than people think. Three of four adults will suffer from this condition from time to time according to the Mayor clinic.

 ‘Constipation and straining to defecate is a major risk factor for piles. ‘Being pregnant, chronic cough and getting older also a factor. But so too does prolonged sitting on the loo. ‘And while in the past, some of us took a good book into the toilet with us, these days it’s more likely to be the ever-present mobile phone. ‘So tempting while it may be to scroll through your apps while you’re waiting to perform, doctors don’t recommend it.’ Dr. Jarvis tells the Sun


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