Device Named Magnetic ‘Seed’ Helps Doctors Locate Lumps In The Breast

Magnetic ‘seed’ is a device that is smaller than a grain of rice. It acts as a marker to guide doctors to lumps.
Presently, Women who are demanded to undergo surgery for breast cancer have up to a 25 per cent chance of needing a follow-up operation. The Follow-up is required if parts of the tumour are missed the first time around.

After implanting the Megseed on patients, just six per cent needed a second procedure, as it helps improve accuracy during the initial operation. The introduction of this device Magnetic ‘seed’ implanted into the tumour could spare repeated operations for thousands of women undergoing breast cancer surgery.

The traditional method which was introduced in the 1970s, that involves inserting a steel wire that ‘hooks’ on to the tumour on the morning of surgery is said to be replaced by the new Megseed technique.

Magnetic ‘seed’ makes it more accurate to locate the tumours – sometimes just a tiny cluster of cancer cells – which may not be distinguishable from healthy tissue to the naked eye.

Magseed is being used in 28 hospitals across the country, while 15 more are evaluating it.

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