A Spanish Cargo Plane Crashed In Ukraine Because It Ran Out Of Fuel, Killing Five Persons And Leaving Three Badly Injured With Broken Bones.

The three victims who survived the incident were trapped while banging on the fuselage in the Ukrainian Antonov-12.

There were eight people on the aircraft, seven crews, and one person accompanying the unidentified cargo. Five of those who died were

Chief Pilot:                 Vitaly Stepanenko,

Co-Pilot :                    Igor Maevsky,

Navigator:                   Yury Kuzmenko,

Technician:               Igor Zavadyuk, and

Radio Operator:        Vladimir Kirilenko. 

Oleg Shakhov and Andrey Amelkin, along with technician Andrey Koryaki were left badly injured during the crash.

A rescuer said: ‘People were knocking and moaning. They were trapped by the cargo, badly wounded. ‘There was blood everywhere, their bones were broken.’

Maxim Sokolyuk, head of Ukraine’s state migration service, said: ‘There are casualties. An emergency landing was performed because the plane ran out of fuel. An investigation into the accident has started.’

There are speculations that the aircraft may have been overloaded with another cargo other than the specified one. Others claim that there was a planned refueling schedule of their cargo in Ukraine

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